Sunday, March 10, 2013

Centennial Trail- Snohomish to Arlington 3-9-13

The weather forecast was for sun and mild temperatures in the 50s.  I had my doubts when I looked out the front window and all I could see was pea soup fog.  I figured, what the heck, might as well go for it.  At lease it wasn't raining.  As it turned out, the fog burned off and sun ruled the day.  The sunshine was enhanced by the fact that the alders, maples and cottonwoods had not yet leafed out.

This was to be my first ride of the season and I chose the Centennial Trail for its bucolic rural scenery and its relative flatness.  The Centennial Trail is constructed on the original railway right-of-way built north of Snohomish by the Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern Railroad in 1889.  The first section of the trail opened in 1989 from Snohomish.  The trail now reaches the Skagit County line, a distance of about 30 miles.

I started my ride at the very beginning of the trail in Snohomish and rode to Arlington and back, a distance of about 37 miles.  This trail is without a doubt, one of the prettiest trail rides anywhere.  You ride through rural countryside, wooded areas, and past a beautiful little lake that makes a perfect rest stop.  Just be aware that the trail gets crowded, especially in summer.  Watch out for walkers, slower riders, and tykes on training wheels.  

More info:  Centennial Trail - Snohomish County Parks and Recreation

For refreshment at the end of the trail in Snohomish, try one of their smoothies or just a plain iced mocha:  Beetle Juice & Java Cafe

Ride photos:
The first few miles are rural country side.
A gravel mining operation next to the trail.  Our modern concrete world needs sand and gravel.

Through Lake Stevens.
Interesting houses along the way.
Much of the trail passes through wooded areas.
Big cottonwood's leafless branches let the sunlight through.

Lake Cassidy, a special treat.

Miles of carefree riding.
View over the Stilliguamish Valley around Arlington.

 Next time I'll do the whole trail, 60 miles round trip.

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