Saturday, February 28, 2015


The start of the year is a time of renewal.  This was the year I had intended to kick start my blogs.  But look, it's already, well almost March.  And already this year I have been on a few adventures that I want to share.  Adventures may be too strong a word.  Anything that involves going somewhere and doing something outdoors classifies as an adventure for me.  Your adrenalin level may vary.

In January I took a trip to southern Utah with my older son.  We skied Brian Head and visited Bryce Canyon and Zion.  I want to tell you what a great place Brian Head is and how smaller ski resorts like Brian Head are where you should be spending your time and money, because your money goes a lot farther there.  These ski areas care about you and make skiing fun again and affordable for families.

I explored a little piece of Whidbey Island in late January, Ebey's Landing, a popular place. On a rare mild winter day you can get ahead of the crowd with an early start before the masses figure out the day's weather.

And lastly, I rode the Chilly Hilly bicycle ride this year (February 22). The annual ride circumnavigates Bainbridge Island and marks the opening of bicycling season in western Washington.  It's been a mild winter and the weather was perfect on the ride.  Next ride up, the McClinchy Mile, the OsoStrong version.

Stay with me my friends.

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